About Activities In San Andres Quezon

Whether it’s sports or scouts, community or religious organizations, encouraging your child’s participation is an important part of development. Being involved and committed to such activities helps with identity exploration while also creating an opportunity for acceptance from peers who have common interests. Joining and participating in extracurricular activities helps kids explore their physical, creative, and social potential. It helps them build independence, develop skills, explore career interests, as well as raise self-esteem. Volunteer work allows children to experience how their time, talent, and effort benefit those in need.


Sports play a large part in the life of school-age children. Physical activity is important not only for their health, but also helps children develop socially and emotionally.

As a parent of a school-age child with a bleeding disorder, you should talk to coaches and PE teachers about the medical implications of your child’s bleeding disorder. This becomes especially important for middle and high school athletes because parents may not be attending every practice or game. The increased use of prophylactic therapy means that children with bleeding disorders are able to participate in sports more than ever before. As children grow older, sports may become more competitive, and certain precautions must be taken.

Extracurricular Activities

For those who are sidelined from physical activity or aren’t interested in it, middle and high schools offer many extracurricular activities that allow children to explore their artistic or intellectual side. If they like the thrill and push of competition, they can join the chess club or debate team. If they like the camaraderie of group activities, they may enjoy the glee club or science club. Getting involved in extracurricular activities allows kids to explore their diverse interests.

Engaging high school learners in any lesson, whether from culture to literature, is sometimes challenging. The high school activities Education encourage students to participate. And the instructors responsible for their education, sometimes need a little outside motivation to keep learning exciting. Learning in school becomes an interesting and enjoyable exercise.

Community Service

Community service is a great way for children to contribute and give back. It shows that they are moving beyond thinking just about themselves. This is important for their growth as a person. By gaining an awareness of others, they learn local concerns and can begin to put them into the context of global issues. This will serve them now and in the future as they transition out of school and into the adult world. It helps everyone to expand  their skills and learn how to guide and assist our children throughout the community living. We encourage people to become involved in our communities through supporting initiatives such as the community organizations to deliver services and projects.

The Island hopping activities

On its traditional scheme is based on visiting the highlights and attractions of each populated island and their surroundings. The main concept of this service relies in the ability to smoothly move back and forward, between islands on a fast boat, as well as staying overnight in the visited destination, if it is desired.

The first one is the traditional procedure where you stay one night on each island that is visited, while exploring the archipelago. The second one is called navigable, and it leaves from a base Lodges or Pension houses in one of the islands. From there, tourists visit during the day, the neighbor islands that are located nearby. Afterwards, they return to their main island for spare time during the evening. Explore the amazing wonders around San Andres Alibijaban Island in a day on your Island Hopping Tour. On a comfy boat, you and a group of fun adventurers shall cruise along the island’s vibrant coast to the virgin-like spot of  Alibijaban Beach. Amid the raw verdant coast and coral sand, you shall have the sea all to yourselves to share with only a few people sauntering on the coast. After an hour, you shall continue the cruise and witness many more wonders like hidden coves, limestone cliffs and hollow caves until you come upon the flourishing reefs around Alibijaban neighboring islet, Animasola Island, Sombrero Island and Tinalisayan Island  With a snorkels and revel in the midst of colorful fishes, sea urchins, starfishes and more of its marine community.

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