Island Hoping Activities

Explore the amazing wonders around San Andres Alibijaban Island in a day on your  Island Hopping Tour. On a comfy boat, you and a group of fun adventurers shall cruise along the island’s vibrant coast to the virgin-like spot of Sombrero Island, Animasola Island,  and Tinalisayan Island . Amid the raw verdant coast and coral sand, you shall have the sea all to yourselves to share with only a few people sauntering on the coast. After an hour, you shall continue the Island Hoping and witness many more wonders like hidden coves, until you come upon the flourishing reefs around Alibijaban’s  neighboring islet, you shall immerse in the turquoise sea with snorkels and revel in the midst of colorful fishes, sea urchins, starfishes and more of its marine community.


Ms. Maricar De leon Uy