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San Andres Island hoping, first you’ll be taken to visit Alibijaban Island’ – Virgin Island; the boat stops just shy of the shores and you’ll get the chance to watch the king of the skies. Great for photoshooting and videos


Alibajaban has some of the most undisturbed mangrove wilderness and it’s fine white sand beach in the Philippines. The island also has the most diverse marine habitat in the region of Ragay Gulf.The island is accessible via motorized banca from the port of San Andres. It is 330 kilometres (210 mi) southeast of Manila via the Pan-Philippine Highway and Bondoc Peninsula Road It is home to at least 30 genera of hard coral, Alibijaban Island is a virgin paradise located at the most southern tip of Quezon and is in the municipality of San Andres. .

Spend time on any beach worth its sea salt and there comes a point when you’ll find yourself in a moment you wish could last forever.Even if you had all the time, money and sunscreen to burn in the world, that beach you’re sitting on has other ideas. But maybe there’s a way to hold on to that perfect moment. What if, instead of lolling about on the same strip of sand, we jumped to another. And when that gets old, we head on to the next — from beautiful beach to beautiful beach, right around the world.

The seashore is clean, as well as its waters, which are very clear. No bunch of noisy drunk campers because it is far from the Metro, it is not crowded. And because it’s not crowded, it’s so peaceful! Perfect for relieving stress from the big city. Alibijaban is an emerging backpacker destination It’s fine white sand beach and mangrove forest are few of the reasons why backpackers visit the island.

This is the perfect place. the activities to do include:Tour at Sandbar and Mangroves areas, Swimming, Sunset/Sunrise viewing, beach bumming, camping, boating,Island Hopping ( Burias Island, Sombrero Island, Talisayan Island) the cost depends on the number of persons. Fewer persons, higher cost. and snorkeling.

The sand in AlibijabanBeach is white while the water is crystal-clear. The atmosphere and scenery is perfect for Instagram girlfriends and boyfriends, as a perfect shot. In case you get bored of taking pictures however, you can always try their vast array of activities, from snorkeling, cliff-diving, camping, hiking, and of course, swimming!


From a far, it looks like a miniature version of the Kapurpurawan Rock Formation in Ilocos Norte with its shoe like formation on top and the island itself resembles the formations from the famous Biri Islands like a slightly squashed cake with lines and layers running along the sides.  The most popular pitstop on the island hoping tour.

The sea stack



This has a distinct seastack that looks like giant surfboards piled  forming a gigantic platform jutting from the clear blue sea. Within the area you can also see an enclosure naturally made by the sedimentary rock formation called by the locals as “mermaid’s lair”. Best time to visit is during low tide so you can wade and swim in waist deep cerulean blue waters. The rock formations in Animasola due to sedimentation have stratified patterns giving an interesting appearance – perfect backdrop for photoshoots. Environmental/entrance fee to Animasola Island is Php20.was a surprise in terms of natural wonders,Just a reminder if you’re about to visit Animasola Island, the heat was actually more intense there compare to the other islands, Since the island is so small, you can actually explore it, like circling the entire island in a few minutes.much like municipality it belongs to San Pascual in Burias Island, Masbate.


The island is really small, and only one side of it has a shore line. The rest are big rocks. This dive site consists of various small caverns, boulders, and a drop-off. It is an excellent dive site for underwater photographers. There are plenty of different coral formations. There are reefs and steep walls, and drift diving can be done here. The average depth is 22m/72ft and the maximum depth is 40m/131ft.

Sombrero, also known as Hat Island,


Tinalisayan Island is under the jurisdiction of the municipality of San Pascual in Masbate. This is part of the Burias Island, one of the three main islands of the province. The other two are Masbate Island and Ticao. Burias Island has 2 municipalities namely Claveria and San Pascual. BEACHES, LUZON, PHILIPPINES March 31, 2016 Tinalisayan Island in Masbate: Another Sandbar to Discover The island itself is so small, that the word islet would be a more appropriate term. At the end of this sandbar, the island was visible with its white sand and rock formation. Burias Island has 2 municipalities namely Claveria and San Pascual. San Pascual is blessed with surrounding small islands with unspoiled white beaches and spectacular rock formation, one of the town’s best kept treasure is Tinalisayan. Just about 30 minute boat ride from the mainland. Tinalisayan Island Burias Island San Pascual Masbate getting off the boat. Seeing it from afar is totally different from actually being there. San Pascual is blessed with surrounding small islands with unspoiled white beaches and spectacular rock formation, one of the town’s best kept treasure. This islet is an ideal tent camp for those who wanted to be with nature at its best, surrounded by rocks, fine sand and clear waters. A few meters from the islet is the sandbar which can be reached by swimming neck-deep waters. Though good for swimming and snorkeling, just a caution: the waters in between are a home to many sea urchins so be careful. Otherwise, you may use a small boat in the islet to transfer. The sandbar is visible daylight (low tide) but vanishes night time (high tide). This sandbar has very fine sand and off white color. Changes color to warm yellow when touched by sunset rays. Great for picture taking!